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Crowns and Bridges in Wallsend

Crowns and Bridges in WallsendAt Aqua Dental Care, an array of solutions is available to help you achieve the look you want and maintain your oral health. Crowns and bridges are two of the many options we offer to improve your smile.

Strengthening With a Crown

Caps, or crowns, are custom-created for your teeth post-root canal or if they’ve been weakened, cracked or decayed. A filling may not be large enough to prevent your problem from worsening. If so, a crown may be ideal. We generally recommend porcelain materials so that your crown blends in perfectly with your other teeth. If you practice proper oral hygiene habits, your crown should last a lifetime.

Filling a Gap With a Bridge

Crowns can be placed on either side of a missing tooth with a bridge that is anchored to each, filling in the open space. It’s then cemented into place for a permanent solution. As with crowns, if you have regular examinations and brush and floss as recommended, your new bridge will last for years.


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