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Zoom Whitening in Wallsend

Zoom Whitening in WallsendFood and beverage, smoking, the aging process, medications, trauma. The causes of tooth discolouration are many, but there is a simple solution available at Aqua Dental Care: Zoom teeth whitening. Achieve a more brilliant look by changing the shade of your smile!

Smiling With Confidence

In recent years, there have been increasing amounts of over-the-counter products available to bleach your teeth. These strips, toothpastes and more differ in price, may be difficult to use and can give mixed results. By visiting our qualified professionals, you can be sure that your treatment is safe and gets you the look you want.

Take-home and in-chair teeth whitening are available. If you prefer to choose the in-chair solution, you’ll be in and out in just an hour with teeth up to eight shades brighter. A take-home kit is used over a couple of weeks at your convenience.


Contact us today to find out more! Same-day appointments are available.


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